Flex Image Viewer: ComCenter 0.5

I'm pleased to announce the release of ComCenter 0.5. ComCenter 0.5 features the ability to zoom in on images, basic help, the ability to print images, some basic search capabilities, and the ability to paginate the thumbnails display.

Once you have brought up the image in the image window, clicking on it will increase the zoom and ctrl-click will zoom out.

There is some basic help text included with this version, but its fairly primitive and will be cleaned up a lot more for version 0.6.

Seaching works by looking at the unused 'keywords' field that was present in the last release, but this field has now been renamed 'tags' in the XML due to convention. Similarly, the 'description' that was part of the 'image' tag has now been renamed 'caption'. Using the 'View' menu you can switch back and forth from your search results and the full thumbnail listing.

Lastly, having pages containing 3000 thumbnails could be tedious, so you can now set how many rows of thumbnails you wish to display per page.

There have been a number of miscellaneous changes as well, such as being able to control the direction of your image rotation and a new field for the image tag to describe where the image was taken. This location field ties into new location tags which describe places as a hierarchy (for example, North America is in the planet Earth, and the United States is in North America). In the future, this will allow easier searching by place based on child nodes in the XML tree. See the ComCenter.xml for details.

ComCenter can be downloaded here. A demo of it can be found here.

Needless to say, this is only a 0.5 release so there is a long way to go. We're half way to 1.0, so this seems like a good place to catch our breath-I'll be talking about the future of ComCenter in a followup post, and discussing the general road map for the next few versions.


Gaurav Raj said...

The project is really great.
I can say, it's just what i want to implement on my project. Only stuff i m missing at this place is, one ComCenter.xml file, in the source code. Without that, i m unable to run this project on my local system.
We will be very thankful to you, if u can send me or tell me from where i can download that .xml file.
please do send me some feedback on my personal ID: gaurav@bluelark.com.
With warm regards,
Gaurav Raj

Anonymous said...

dear mr. gaurav,
u have to make it by urself .. sending u a code is not the solution sincer it defeats the purpose of forum.. u might consider referring to flex docs available at adobe's website..
thanks and warm regards,
Ivan Ivanowich

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaurav,

A sample XML file can be found on the demo page here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.