Footer Element

HTML Today, we are going to study the footer element in HTML5. The footer typically contains copyright notices, author, related links such as disclaimers or other similar data.

A footer can also be used to place the content of appendices, indexes or similiar content, such as in a legal agreement.

A simple example of the footer element is as follows:
   Copyright © 2013; All Rights Reserved. <a href="/">Disclaimer</a>;

The footer element can be used more than once on a single webpage. For example, you can have a footer for the entire page and then footer for the article of the page.

<h1>ABC Toy Inc Press Releases</h1>
   <h2>ABC Toy Truck Will Come Out in Time for Christmas</h2>
   Originally, ABC Toy Truck was so popular that it was sold out...
       Date: 9/13/2013 by Mystic C.
       Copyright © ABC Inc. 2013; All Rights Reversed.


We have previously discussed using the nav element for navigation. Footer often contains a short list of links, such as copyright, disclaimers,etc. While the nav element can be used, it would be simple enough to use only the footer element.

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